About Us

Our mission

The aim of this project is to capitalize on the world-class research and innovation that the MRC funds across the breadth of science, by allowing those tools and technologies to be easily disseminated to the global scientific family. We believe that sharing these resources is vital if we are to push the frontiers of science.  


MRC is committed to encouraging a strong sharing culture amongst its supported large-scale investment and researchers, the MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit (PPU) at the University of Dundee was awarded funding to build a web-based, non-profit and single click order system for all MRC-funded tools and reagents so that they can easily be distributed for the benefit of the wider scientific community. These resources have been produced and validated by the experts in their fields and sent to PPU for reproducing and distribution. You can therefore be assured of their quality.


This database has been created by the team at the MRC PPU Reagents and Services Division which has been in existence since 1998 who have an extensive background in molecular biology and biochemistry to provide reagents to the highest standards expected of an MRC Unit. Since 2013, the team has focused on distributing its own in-house reagents including kinases, phosphatases and enzymes in the ubiquitin system but in the spirit of open science, is now using that knowledge and experience to expand the catalogue to all MRC-funded resources.

You will see that this pilot stage includes Scottish MRC Units and Centres but as time passes, this will be expanded across the UK in order to add a more diverse and richer database of tools and reagents from across the MRC strategic investments, for the benefit of the wider community.


Scientists can look specifically for the reagent or tool they wish to use or browse the entire catalogue. Simply click on the resource you want to find a datasheet and then basket your item. All costs simply go towards maintaining this project. You can also look for services that MRC Units and Centres provide which you will find signposted on the website.

By providing this project, MRC’s goal is to create a simple, lasting resource which will move scientific research and discovery forward around the world.