CRM Imaging Facility

The CRM Imaging Facility provides microscopes and equipment for imaging live and fixed samples as well as data analysis. This service is supported by a dedicated facility manager.

Our facility provides Nikon and Zeiss widefield microscopes for colour and fluorescent imaging (live and fixed), and Leica SP8 point confocal microscopes equipped with high magnification lenses as well as long working distance lenses for thick tissue. 

In complement, we offer X-Clarity clearing of thick tissue –allowing users to image deeper in their sample without cutting.  Our service is also equipped with a photopatterning and microstructuring system, PRIMO, which allows to reproducibly engineer the shape and composition of substrate for cell culture.

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List of equipment:

  • Leica SP8 with 8 laser lines (405, 458/476/488/496/514, 561, 594, 633 nm) and 5 photoreceptors
  • Leica SP8 with 4 laser lines (405, 488, 552 and 638 nm) and 4 photoreceptors
  • Zeiss Observer for fluorescence (370, 488, 555, 594, 647), Phase and bright field colour imaging
  • Nikon Ti for live imaging in Phase or fluorescence (370, 488, 514, 555, 647)
  • X-Clarity system (see
  • PRIMO photopatterning and microstructuring system (see
  • Two image analysis workstations with Fiji, Ilastik, CellProfiler, QPath and commercial analysis software SVI Huygens, Zen, NIS, LASX