Custom Cloning

Let us take care of your routine cloning allowing you to focus on your research. We will work with you to clone your gene of interest into your vector of choice. Our highly qualified cloners have years of experience and are committed to providing the best service possible. All of our clones are confirmed by restriction digestion followed by sequencing across the full open reading frame. Our service is highly flexible and can meet any specific project requirements.

If you are interested in using our cloning service please contact us for a quote:


  1. Do I need to provide the plasmid?

We have a vast collection of plasmid backbones. Plasmids we do not have may be provided by the customer as required.

  1. Do I need to provide insert source material?  

We will work with you to source appropriate starting material for your cloning. You may already have cDNA templates that can be used. Alternatively, we have a large collection of human ESTs, RNAs and mouse RNA that may be used to amplify the cDNA of your choice. In some cases, chemical synthesis of certain sequences may be required which we will discuss with you as necessary.

  1. How will my clone be confirmed?

All clones are checked by digestion and full sequencing of the expressed open reading frame.

  1. What tags can I have?

We will work with you to create the exact clone that you require with whatever combination and arrangement of tag(s) you need. For example, HA, FLAG, StrepII, BirA, GST, GFP etc.

  1. What plasmids do you have for different expression systems?

We have a large collection of plasmid backbones for use for expression in various systems (bacterial, mammalian, baculovirus/insect cells, yeast systems), containing many different tag arrangements. We can work with you to select the best one for your requirements. Alternatively, we can work with a plasmid backbone of your choice provided by you.

  1. Can you do mutagenesis of existing clones?

Yes, we can carry out mutagenesis on any clone that your provide or on any clone that we make for you.

  1. How quickly will I get my clone(s)?

An estimated delivery time will be given for each project based on its individual specifications.

  1. What will I get?

You will receive your fully-confirmed ready-to-use clone(s), usually in the form of miniprep DNA, full sequence information and maps. A maidi- and maxi-prep service is also available.

  • Plasmid list grouped by expression system as on Genscript website:

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