High Content Screening service

The CRM High Content Screening facility contains equipment for assay development (throughput and miniaturisation), high throughput imaging and subsequent high content data analysis.

High Content screening is a method of imaging various features of cells in parallel in a response to environmental stimuli such as chemical compounds. This type of imaging has typically been used in the pharmaceutical industry for drug screening. However, the technology is particularly useful in the regenerative medicine and stem cell fields where hundreds of thousands of cells can be rapidly analysed to identify and characterise rare stem cells that may have a subtle phenotype.

Our facility provides a complete semi-automated workflow for increased assay throughput and screening. We have liquid handlers for the first steps of sample preparation for High Content assays such as cell seeding, feeding and staining. Our High Content microscope (Operetta) will be soon upgraded to the latest High Content spinning disk confocal microscope, the Opera Phenix Plus. Data acquired on those microscopes can be analysed in parallel using Columbus software on a powerful virtual machine. This service is supported by a dedicated facility manager.

To discuss about how we can, please get in touch crm-hcs@ed.ac.uk

List of equipment:


Opera Phenix Plus (coming soon)

Vectra Polaris


Liquid handlers

Image analysis using a Columbus server