Population Health Research Facility

The Population Health Research Facility (PHRF) offers expert, tailored support to researchers working within community and NHS settings. We provide practical help with every aspect of a study, from the initial funding application through project set-up and management, to final archiving. 

We provide:

  1. Methodological and design advice for data collection.
  2. Project planning and delivery, projection of non-salary costs, study set up before funding commences, provision of advice on research governance and project risk management and study closedown activities.
  3. Project management from project planning to disseminationstakeholder contactrisk and quality management, protocol and regulation compliance, support with REC and NHS R&D applications and budget oversight. 
  4. Data management, database development, in-house qualitative and quantitative data entry and cleaning, liaison with external data entry companies and data transfer.
  5. Study materials design, Plain English editing, project questionnaire formatting, design of participant information sheets, consent forms, infographics, logos, leaflets and advertisements including print management. 
  6. Fieldwork and operations management, oversight of all project fieldwork operations, training and other day to day activities. A flexible workforce of 15 active survey assistants and research nurses are trained in the use of data collection tools, including anthropometrics, accelerometery & clinical measures, biological samples collection and  questionnaire completion. The fieldworker team are able to support research in the field by completing data collection visits, assisting with recruitment and consistent personnel ensuring excellent follow-up rates. 

In addition to:

  1. Administrative assistance available across different research projects.
  2. Equipment hire, SOP development, peer review (internal) audit and lone worker management.


To discuss about how we can help with your research study, please get in touch

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